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Going Green with Romanoff

What does going green mean?

Going green is being environmentally conscious in everyday life. It's about the effect and impact our decisions make on our environment and the world. Going green will help transform our environment by making our lives healthier and improve quality of life. Recycling our natural resources will help create sustainability for our planet.

Here is a list of things that will help sustain our planet for future generations:

  • Turn lights off when not in a room or use daylight to illuminate a room.
  • Put lights on a timer or motion sensor which insures lights are out when unoccupied.
  • Use L.E.D or compact fluorescent lights whenever possible.
  • Ask energy provider about renewable energy to service your home. Solar, wind, and water energy are all renewable sources which help reduce carbon emissions.
  • Use businesses that use green power and products for their company.
  • Invest in green energy such as solar, wind or water.
  • Recycle all natural resources whenever possible.
  • Replace Old Equipment with ENERGY STAR Products.
  • Make Sure Equipment is the Right Size For Your Home.
  • Replace your manual thermostat with a programmable model.
  • Have Equipment Installed by a Reputable Dealer