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Press Release - Vocational Students

Press Release from Romanoff Electric Residential, LLC. and Romanoff Heating & Cooling, LLC.

Our companies, like most contractors in Ohio were hard pressed to find technically trained vocational students that wanted to do the work in the field. Romanoff has had a long standing relationship with the vocational schools in Central Ohio, but the student numbers were dwindling and the few students that were available were being pursued by more than a handful of contractors at a time.

In an effort to solve our own problem, we came up with a solution that we hoped would take off and really help us generate the next generation of trades people within our own company. The idea was simple, offer paid training to the vocational schools outside the city limits and additionally, give them free housing for 12 months so that they could save for their own homes later on. We reached out to several schools and before we knew it, the information went viral between the vocational teachers thorough out the state. We had calls from students and their teachers for weeks. Our original goal was to hire 15 students. That number doubled overnight because of the outpouring of interest from the vocational schools. We currently have six students working and have twenty-four more beginning in the next few weeks.