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From College Graduate to Electrical Apprentice to CEO

Matthew Romanoff Talks About Taking Risks, Building His Own Open Shop Business And Attracting Young People To The Construction Industry.

Matthew Romanoff is a go-getter. In his words, he likes to work hard and play hard. It’s the main reason he’s had success as a college graduate turned electrician turned business owner. That’s not to say there haven’t been a few missteps along his 30-year career in the construction industry, but with his never-fail attitude, he prefers to focus his attention on the positives.

For example, his company—Romanoff Group, headquartered just outside Columbus, Ohio—did about $65 million in sales this year with a workforce of about 400 employees. It’s a considerable jump from the dozen craft professionals he started out with in 1993, not to mention the family-owned electrical business he grew up around...

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